The latest addition to the Robin family is the Wee Robin Traveler.
This wheel is offered in cherry or special edition maples. The orfice is
a comfortable 22" high, when ready to spin. When folded the wheel is
only 17" high, 15.5" wide and 8" deep. The wheel, using cherry, weighs a
little over 8lbs. and comes with 3 bobbins that hold 6oz. of fiber each.
The time required between fold up and ready is about 30 seconds.
Standard ratios: 4,5,6-1/4 and 7-3/4 to 1. Ratios available to 15.5 to 1.

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The Robin is a fully functional spinning wheel.

Robin Spinning Wheels is a small company
nestled in the Maine foothills.
Gilbert Gonsalves is the designer and builder
of the the Robin wheels.
Gilbert is a former boat builder and engineer.
He named the wheel after is wife, Robin.
The Gonsalves family, including thier daughter
Karen, travel and display the Robin all over
New England.
Gilbert signs and numbers each wheel.
Each type of Robin wheel comes with 3 pre-tested bobbins, all handmade
of cherry and maple.
Each bobbin has ratios of 4.5:1, 5.5:1, 7:1 and 9:1.
The bobbins can hold 6-8oz. of material.
Each bobbin has teflon bearings, for smooth spinning.
All wheels have graceful arched legs made with contrasting woods.

Each wheel is balanced for ease of use. Each wheel also
comes with a sturdy urethane drive band that has microscopic teeth to
grip the wheel securely.

A marine engineer and designer of ship propulsion systems, Gilbert designed the Robin Spinning Wheel for his wife, Robin.
Robin wanted a wheel that spun like a dream, a minimum of adjustments, dependable and easily transported.
The Robin Spinning Wheel exceeded all of her wishes, and then some.
The Robin is lighter than most travellers, steady as the Rock of Gibraltar, smooth as silk and beautiful in appearance.
The Robin excells spinning bulky or lace weight. Standard ratios of 4.5, 5.5, 7 and 9 to one generally cover the
requirements of most spinners. However, ratios to 17.5 to one are available for the technical spinner.
Each Robin Spinning Wheel comes with three 8oz. bobbins, that have teflon bearings. The legs of the Robin are made
of contrasting woods, usually cherry and maple. The elegant arch of the legs is both beautiful and functional, adding to the
rigidity of the upright that carries the drive wheel. The drive wheel, flyer and bobbins are balanced to provide smooth
operation of the Robin. The drive wheel and footmen ride on ball bearings and not brass bushings, leather or plastic.
The Robin wheel arrives completely assembled and after unpacking is usable in about 30 seconds.
Plying and lace bobbins are also available.
All Robin wheels are available with the sunburst patterns, if desired.